Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail

Welcome to the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail! Our mission here is to preserve the memory of this once-successful and economically sound area of Clay County, West Virginia, while providing a brief history on how life looked back in those days. We want to offer folks access to the beautiful and quite intriguing natural and man-made landscapes along the way. As on any trail, we ask that you admire your surroundings, enjoy your trip, be safe, and only take home those things which you brought with you upon entering the trail. Have a fascinating adventure!

The BC&G Railroad was wrought from and inherited by J.G. Bradley in the early 1900s and was one of the last all-steam transit lines, operated by the Elk River Coal and Lumber Company, ELRICO, for short. The company strictly used steam engines during its years of operation between 1904 until it shut down in 1965. Bringing coal and lumber out of the mountains of Eastern Clay County was the railroad’s main goal, twisting at a steady speed along twenty-two miles of Big Buffalo Creek between the towns of Widen and Dundon. Any freight brought out to Dundon was loaded onto Baltimore and Ohio freight cars and then transported to destinations outside of the West Virginia border.

We would like to thank our sponsers.


The Clay County Business Development Authority and
the Buffalo Creek Watershed Improvement Association
extend infinite gratitude to all of those folks
who sponsored, volunteered, donated, and sacrificed
their time and energy to give this project life.
Thank you!