How long is the trail and how long does it take? 
The trail is 12 miles round trip and takes 2 ½ hours.
Do we stop anywhere along the way?
Yes.  Going up, there will be stops as we give a bit of history about the trail and to point out unique rock formations. 
Do the passengers ever get off of the ride anywhere along the way?
Yes.  Passengers are allowed to disembark at the old train wreck for approximately 15 minutes, to look around and take pictures.  At Adair, near the end of the trail, passengers will have 30 minutes.  Here, passengers may visit a pre-civil war cemetery with very old headstones, read about the town of Adair, or go swimming or fishing in Buffalo Creek.  At Devil’s Sawmill at the end of the trail, passengers are again allowed approximately 15 minutes to enjoy the waterfall and take pictures.  Once we reach the end of the trail, the ride back will be uninterrupted by stops. 
What do I bring?
You may bring a small cooler with sandwiches, snacks and drinks.  No alcoholic beverages allowed.  If you plan to swim or fish, bring towels or your fishing rod.
Are there any facilities along the way? 
Restrooms are available at the beginning of the ride and a porta pottie is located at Adair, near the end.
What if some in my group want to ride the rail bikes while others do not?
Those that do not want to ride the rail bikes, may ride on the rail car.  Your group will still get to enjoy time together at the stops along the way.  When you make your reservations, be sure to state how many will be on rail bikes and how many on the rail car.
Are those on rail bikes allowed to go on their own without supervision?
No.  For safety, everyone stays together as a group.  Going up the tracks, the rail bikes will follow behind the passenger cars, and must stop as the passenger cars stop.  Once the rail bikes are turned around, they may pedal back without interruption.
I would like to do the rail bikes, but I’m not sure I can
If at any time you get tired and are unable to pedal the rest of the way, hold up your hand so that the attendant can see you.  They will hook your rail bike up and tow you back.  You still get to enjoy the ride. 
How do the rail bikes get turned around?
Attendants will take care of turning the rail bikes around.  
May I bring my dog/pet?
Sorry, but no dogs or pets allowed other than service dogs.